Protection from Dream Invaders


3 Apple Seeds
White Cloth or White Pouch
Safety Pin


There are some people who can invade your dreams, who can travel astrally to your home, or even drain your energy while you sleep.

If you think someone’s spirit may be visiting you or your home when you are asleep, try this spell.

Spell Casting

Wrap 3 fresh Apple Seeds in a white cloth or white pouch. Tie the pouch/cloth closed.

Don’t lose the seeds. Safety pin the pouch/cloth to the pillow you sleep on.

Sleep with the pouch/cloth attached to your pillow for seven nights. At the end of the seven nights, remove the three seeds from the pouch/cloth and toss them out your front door.

On the off chance that a spirit is leaving its body and travelling to your home, this will make it impossible for it to enter the house.
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