Bring Misfortune Upon One's Life


1 black candle
Chicken blood
Red pen


This for you to have some fun with an enemy's life.

Spell Casting

Put the chickens blood in the bowl. Write the name of the victim on picture. Put the picture in the bowl. Place the black candle in the bowl to hold down the picture.

(Optional) Cast a quick protection spell just in case. Chant: " Arawn, I call out to you to bring misfortune upon 'name'. Make him/her suffer until he/she goes insane. No happiness he´ll/she'll gain. Only pain, sickness, and hate he/she will find. Bad luck I bind, to him/her. So mote it be"

Blow out the candle. Go outback and dig a hole. Pour the chickens blood and picture in the hole. Bury it.

Tip: If you can, try to get something they touched, like a piece of paper, or something like that or a strand of hair. You could use in the spell, but really that's up to you.
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