The Power of The Diamond


A diamond
Magickal Belief


Transports you to the magick world. Only truly powerful people can do this.

Spell Casting

Hold the diamond in your hands and imagine it getting hotter and hotter. Build up your magickal power until you are getting warmer yourself. You and the diamond will be boiling. Then say these words:

'By the power of air, earth, fire and water,
I am a very strong and respectful daughter,
The magickal world is where I'd like to be,
So take me there and mote it be!'

To come back to earth you need to say:

'Take me back to my home country,
Mote it be.'

And you need to imagine earth.

REMEMBER: This only works for those with loads of magickal power. If your belief is not high but you have loads of magickal power, it will still work.
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