Bless Yourself


5 white candles
3 drops of rosemary oil
3 drops of myrrh oil
3 drops of sandalwood oil
2 cups of sea salt
frankincense incense


Solitary witches can consecrate themselves by performing this ritual bath.

Spell Casting

1. Decorate your bathtub with the 5 white candles and light them.

2. Place the frankincense incense nearby and light it.

3. Draw a hot bath. Add the drops of rosemary oil, myrrh oil and sandalwood oil, then add the two cups of sea salt.

4. Hold your power hand over the water and recite the following incantation:

Magic oil, water and salt
Let this bath hereby exalt
My body, mind, self and soul
That I may once again be whole
With blessings given and received,
I walk in peace in word and deed

5. Take a long bath. Meditate calmly in the warm water. Take in the scent of frankincense and the magic oils thoroughly washing your soul of all taint.

6. Before you drain the bath, collect some of the water into your paten and pour it out on your doorstep.

7. Blow out the candles and bury the remainder in nature.
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