Increase a Skill


3 FRESH Oak Leaves
3 Yellow Candles


Cast a spell to increase a certain skill.

Spell Casting

Step 1: Arrange the yellow candles to form a triangle and place the oak leaves in the center of it.
Step 2: Light the candles starting at the top point of the triangle and continuing lighting clockwise
Step 3: Say this out loud:
"Sprit of (skill you want to increase) I call upon you
Gift me with your ability
I will use it with virtue and honor

Gift me with (skill you want to increase) Spirit
So I ask it
So mote it be."
Step 4: Snuff out the candles and roll up the oak leaves, then bury the oak leaves near your home.

I got this spell out of a very straight-forward book, I don't have any fresh oak leaves near my house so please pretty please tell me if this spell works! When it's the spring I'll test it out myself :)
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