Green Candle Money Spell


Green Candle
A Pin
Dried Basil
Vegetable Oil


When you are really desperate for a certain amount of money this will help to enhance your chances of bringing the money you need to you.

Spell Casting

Best Performance Day : Thursday

Moon Phase : Waxing or Full

Take your candle and enscribe your name and how much you need (the exact amount... don't be greedy, no adding extras!) down the length of the candle using the pin.
Anoint the candle with the vegetable oil, avoiding the wick ( in other words, rub oil all over the candle!), then roll the candle in the basil.
Place the candle in a candle holder (or an old wine bottle! )and say the following as you light it.

Money come and money grow
Money be mine, and to me flow.

Let the candle burn down completely...DO NOT BLOW IT OUT!
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