Telepathy Explained




If you read this, and learn something from it, you just may get telepathy.

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What is telepathy? A link between minds, is the short of it. First understand how channeling works. We are all members of the Quantum Foam, therefore connected. When you channel a God, you are communicating, or directing power in some instances. So communication.. you can call upon any soul you would like. Most Occultists believe that every soul has it's own channel, and when you "hop" into their channel, you are communicating directly with the channeled being. So it's channeling... According to the "Law" of personal universes, every being has it's own universe, the question is, how are you using your communication to affect their universe?

The Long of it... telepathy only exists for those who believe they have it. And yes, if you believe in your magic, you have it, therefore, If you believe you can channel, you can. Channeling normal Humans outside the magical community is dangerous for them, for they don't know certain things, and will be shocked from the experience, but nonetheless very possible.

If you are a true magician, this should be an easy feat for you. But distance is kind of an issue, considering there is much space in between for your communication to either A. get lost in transition, B. get intercepted, and blocked or C. forgotten. And yes, as you dive into the minds of others, you can make them forget things too. And remember, it's your Will, and Karma is so there.

If you're a conspiracy follower, you will believe me when I say that Illuminated Humans have this ability, and use it often inside their network. Also, Telepathy opens doors to voices in your head, and you may be institutionalized if others suspect you are in need of medical attention for being outright and saying you have this ability. (Been there, done that.) Obviously normal people are the ones who are closed minded, and also note, there are higher forces at work, who can prevent things, seen it happen before.
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