Find Your Element


Blue candle
Red candle
Two white candles
Green candle
One bowl filled with water
Sybol(jewlery,special small idem)


Summon your inner strength to find your power element.

Spell Casting

Take the five candles and place them in front of you.
Light the candes and say/chant the following:
Water, Earth, Fire, Wind. I call upon you now. To show me the way
to go. The element will help me through, I give my self to you.
After, you concetrate on the canles imagining that the color is the element,(water:blue,red:fire,earth:green,white:wind,second white:your soul.)You will than feel one of the candles pulling you close.
As if it was telling you to come forward and join together.
When this happens, the other candles will start to fade from your mind and their light will dim.
After this the candle that was pulling you will be your element.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!
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