How to become a Demon


(Optional)A red and/or black candle.
A strong belief.
A strong will.
A glass or container of pure water.


A simple spell to become a Demon. This may not work for everyone. It is definateley worth a try. Once done, if it works, it is irriverseable.

Spell Casting

1.) Clear your mind.
2.) Say this once over the water.:

Diablo give me your blessing. Your soldier I wish to become. I ask that you make me a demon. I no longer want to be of humanity. After I drink this water I instantly will become a demon. Lucifer, please come into me and give me your blessing.

3.) (Probably obvious) Drink the water.
4.) Symptoms.
You may feel dizzy for a brief moment. It will pass over quickly.
You wont feel like you did before.
A completely relaxed state may occur.
A feeling of complete peace is normal.
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