Psi Energy Finale


Your concentration


Creates wisps of your psi energy that wraps around you, and you can take energy from that to harm or heal someone.

Spell Casting

This spell is best performed if you are outside or in a private place.
First imagine your aura (or your energy, depending on your source) wrap itself around you. The aura should be close to your body, but if it isn't, pull it in with your mind. Don't let your mind wander. Concentrate on the aura, and lift your arms until you are a "T" shape. Then let your aura travel up and wind itself around your arms. Now concentrate on someone you want to help, or someone you want to harm. Picture that person standing in front of you, and imagine your aura travleing towards him/her and wrapping itself on him/her. Now if you want to hurt them, squeeze the person, and feel your aura pulsing with your anger. If you want to help them, the aura should smoothly glide along their body, purifying him/her. After the process is complete, let your arms down, and your aura should zoom back into your chest.
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