Appreciation of Creation


One white candle for purity, concentrated manifestation and healing.

One red for passion, vibrant positive energy and sexual/root chakra representation.


That quiet but cozy nook of house/time.

Crystals (can be polished), au natural rocks (un-tumbled, un-polished etc)

Something "ugly" like a pan of last night's leftover oil, a burnt patch of clothing etc


Just a quick up-my-vibration for the start or end of a day. Quite unusual, versus my generally novel long rituals I post.

Spell Casting

Take all your items to your special spot. Because this is a quick, grounding technique you need not put up a circle/Torus, but if you wish to, by all means bend this to fit your day. I made this for you, so anything you would like to change to make it your own please do.

Sitting with my legs tucked beneath me, I arrange my items around me. The movements are slow and exaggerated, making sure I am here, in This moment, not even aware of anything else. I take my matches and light the white candle first, thinking of what she represents. I am bringing healing into my life, simply by reaching out and lighting this candle. Repeat with her brother.

I bow, my hands on the ground facing inwards, elbows extending outwards as I lower my upper body. Letting my third eye touch the ground. Going into Child's Pose,* I slowly take four breathes, for each direction. Rising back up, I move into a crossed legged seating position. I take my crystals, observing them through candle light. Observe these as if you were a child, never seen a crystal before, know not their healing properties or their names. Smell the object, caress your cheek with it.
With these eyes look now to the unpolished, organic stones. What is the sensation upon your hands? What would you call it, this object?
Now look to the "ugly" thing. For me, I have brought the pan of oil. In the golden light of the candles, it reflects handsomely off of the oil. I swish it around the pan. I can see shapes. There's an anchor, a waterfall, funny looking Doberman and a phycologist's ink blot. I raise the pan to my nose, inhaling the scent. Once is enough for me, I chuckle to myself as I return to swishing the pan. My third eye gives me a wink as I realize, this is supposed to be something "ugly" yet I am submerged in the beauty, the obscurity. I am in the kitchen, smiling to myself and the pan as I turn the water back on and continue washing the dishes. Later on in the day, I think of Spells of Magic. "I wonder..."

When you feel your vibration go up and new knowledge happily finds a home in the many files of your brain, put the object down. I gave the name of Herk to mine. Extinguish the flames by saying

"Wa doe, June eela
Wa doe, Elementals."
The language is Tsalagi, or more commonly known as Cherokee.

"Thank you, all Sacred
Thank you (for dancing) Elementals."

Over these next few days after this simple little charm, really look at things. Feel them. Walk on a cold day and appreciate the crisp quality of the air. Look at a tree and take the extended arm it reaches to you. Pretend to be a bug and press your cheek to the trunk, looking up. Inhale the euphoric bliss of the moss. Smile at the whispering kisses of dew, from the morning breathe the tree releases. I know yes, hardships come down every road yet a smile a day is my cure for everything. Sad? Smile. Mad? Smile. Happy? Bliss out. When everything is beauty, you are beauty. When you can smile at the tiniest thing, you are master of your emotions. Even if there is death, smile at the life. Their Life is not over, just this one. When you lose a job, there is another one waiting for you. The Universe provides.

*Child's pose, the version I do.
Legs tucked beneath you, head upon the ground, arms framing the small body you condense to. Muscles relax, starting from the "top" (back, back of neck, back of head) to "bottom" (pelvis, chest, neck, face) with a large exhale, then slow but not too deep inhales x4. This will instantly relax the mind and stimulate blood flow. Eyes are closed, any thoughts trying to arise are cancelled out by bringing the awareness back to the nostrils, the act of the breath, how it feels for the chest to expand atop of the legs.

I want you to share the feeling I feel, every day when I look at something and smile from the beauty. When I am upset and some milkweed spores float by. When I am sad and howl to the Moon, then Stars begin to pop out. When I am boiling water and giggle at the tumbling water, never giving up as it goes up and down and again.

My little afterthought! You need not read this. Perhaps you are of a like mind and picked up on it. If not, no worries! My machinery is sometimes even to complicated for me to deal with. So, my first idea to do this was when I was washing dishes and came across that special pan. How could I simply not have seen it before? The shapes, the colors... the amazing beauty locked away by the words ugly, dirty, oily, hard to clean.
Hehe, I meant this to be a quick 300 odd word thing... silly, silly.
I know some of you are shaking your heads at bringing something not specifically for magick to your special place, and I am not sure what your item was or the meaning, but for me it is a very special thing. That simple oily pan fed me and my family. I am alive by breathing life into a meal and consuming it, then releasing it back into the world that something else may use it to in turn keep their own wheel turning. What could be more magickal, than life itself? All this knowledge I stumbled upon, when I had no words. I want you to feel it. See it. I know you are feeling it. I know you are seeing it. Even if you don't now, you will. That is the wonderful things about Souls. They level up.

I love you

Because you are Human. And I am Human. I am part of this World. You are part of it. We are part of Earth. Earth is part of The Milky Way. The Universe is my Grandmother. I do not know you, and yet I am you, because we are part of the same thing.
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