Fire and Blood


3 Red candles
3 white candles
3 pink candles
1 Black Candle
Incense any kind
Something sharp
Copy of photo of the loved one


A comprehensive fire and blood love spell

Spell Casting

Cast your circle in your casting space (casting a circle is optional). Place your pentacle in the center of your circle (if you have a pentacle). Place the candle in the center of the pentacle (if you dont have a pentacle then place the candle of the circle). Light the candle. While lighting the candles say:

"As the candles light,
Make my heart blaze and shine,
To bring the love that will be mine,
Memories of our love shall unite,
Our hearts shall be bound together,
In love we shall stay forever,
You shall come back to me,
Fire from below, bring me love that I do know,
No reverse or curse, So mote it be"

Take your paper, (preferably a copy of a photo of the loved one because you will burning it and write on the back side of the copied photo), and write what you wish or want on it with the pen. Now sit in front of the flame and meditate on what it is you desire. Imagine it coming to life, let the emotions of happiness that would ensue if your wish was granted fill your being, and visualize the energy within you swell up out of you.. While doing so say:

"I invoke thee Oh Lord
God Creator of the heavens and the earth,
Father of all, Lord and Saviour
Hear my plea,
Make all of my endeavors fruitful
And all negative things neutral,
Make fertile all of my workings,
And let my life be lived anew!
Grant this wish I wish tonight,
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
Grant this wish I wish tonight."

Then say what it is you wish for, explain it aloud. When you are done explaining, visualize it manifesting. You must use the sharp object to cut yourself. Make the cut or prick on the ring finger on your left hand. (Doesn't need to be too deep, just enough for you to bleed enough) Once you are bleeding, make sure the blood drops over your wish and say:

"The pain of this wound,
Shall reflect unto thee,
And the love borne of it,
Shall come unto me,
As I will it, so mote it be,
Flow like a river,
Flow from my skin,
Drenched in red from within,
This blood sacrifice I do make,
To get what I want from my wish"

Then make sure the bleeding stops after the wish is covered completely. Then say:

"Almighty God, hear my prayer!
Lord of fire, burn my desire, times three
If it is meant to be"

"Bring *name* back to me.
I invoke the law of 3 what once was lost returns to me,
I gave my love my heart to see,
I have given love now I receive,
I give love,
I receive love,
I give love,
I receive love.
Saint Anthony find my love for me,
Return love to me 3*3!"

"This is my will, by the power of three,
By the Power of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost
This is my wish, so let it be done!"

When you are done meditate on your wish some more. After you are done, then burn the photo (burn the photo over the black candle) and blow out the candle. Remove your circle from place, store your pentacle and candle where ever it is you choose to. Bury the ashes (preferably at the base of the tree) or scatter them across the ground, anywhere will work. While burying or scattering the ashes, say: "so mote it be".
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