Dark Mother Invocation/Summoning Spell


1 blanket


To get rid of guilt and enter the womb of the great mother or connect with her.

Spell Casting

for a month each night go into the woods have a blanket to sleep on or meditate on now at midnight gaze into the darkness and let it enter into your eyes you will hallucinate and see things this is normal remain calm and gaze for an hour ignoreing the hallucinations dont be afraid the darkness will enter you and you into it will yourself into the womb of the great mother like at conception darkness is the first mother GODDESS of the night the first primal force you may close your eyes and sleep in a fetal position now after a month you gain the ability to call the darkness out of you and spread and control it and with it all feelings of guilt will leave you carrying darkness will make you slower and introverted and sleep better unlike light which gives you more energy - blessed be
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