Honey Sweet


1 red candle
A bowl
A teaspoon of Basil
A rose
A photograph of the one you desire


This is a friendship spell that turns into a love spell over time.

Spell Casting

This spell is best to be cast on a Friday as with all love spells. In work all day Friday? Busy Friday night? - Of course you are! Try and cast on a waxing moon (meaning the moon is getting fuller.) or full moon during the day or night it doesn't really matter just make sure you have the right moon phase for this spell cast - Lets get started!

Stand the candle in the bowl, make it nice and stable so it won't wobble or fall over, then pour in your lovely sweet honey (blessed by the goddess of love and passion and sure to make this man fall head over heels for you and your charms - honey is made by bees who represent family and strong bonds to one another.)

Put your beautiful rose in your honey (This rose represents you, so make sure you pick your favorite rose. I have cast this spell wise, I used pink for friendly flirting and red for passion later on because I wanted to get to know this person as a friend first however, if you feel like going in head first go for a bright red rose and watch the sparks fly!)

Place the photo of your deviously sexy man (who you want all to yourself) in the honey make sure he's covered in it. So now you have your photo and rose in your bowl of honey with your candle standing up in the bowl. Sprinkle a little basil to create lots of happy times over his picture. Light your candle while saying his name.

Then say "Love me, love me. Our love will be sweet like honey. Come to me, come to me"

Picture that persons face as you say this , think about their smile and their eyes and the sound of their voice, if you have only spoken to them in email and text think about what he has written and visualize him sending you love messages sitting at his computer or looking at his phone. - Use your imagination on what you would like to do with this person, either in a sexual or non sexual way.

At this point you might like to think of things that will reinforce your magic, example: Has this person given you anything of theirs to keep? (If so you may already be on to a winner!) or even if it's something they have held that has their energy (I'm not saying steal from them by any means!- a piece of paper with their handwriting will do!) a little bit of a personal touch will help direct your magic in the right place. The guy I cast this spell on was in a band and I had their music on my iPod from years ago so the sound of him playing guitar was excellent for my spell cast and made me realize once again about his wonderful musical talents!

After you have a clear vision of this person and you have concentrated your energy and power on them. Let the candle burn itself out right down until the honey sinks into it.

Next, dig a deep hole in your garden, it's a nice idea to bury your bowl near a rose bush or even better a creeping vine or ivy plant (as this represents loyalty and strong faithful love.) Bury your bowl and everything in it and say:

"This spell is done with harm to none."

This will leave your man in a perfect state of honey sweet bliss whenever he sees you or thinks of you and he will contact you or you will have a chance meeting with him.

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