Protect an Object


dragon's blood incense
dragon's blood ink
quill pen
parchment paper


This spell casts a protective ward over an object. It is best performed on a Sunday or a Tuesday. You may substitute a pencil/pen and a piece of paper if need be.

Spell Casting

1. Lay your parchment paper out flat.

2. Light your incense.

3. Pass the object to be warded through the incense smoke, then place it on the parchment.

4. Using your dragon's blood ink and quill pen, draw a pentagram on the parchment below the object.

5. Strike a match and burn the parchment paper in a fire-proof container. Make sure it is completely reduced to ash. As it burns, recite the following incantation:

By the protective element of fire
Let this ward's vigil never expire

Let no harm now come to thee
As I will it, so mote it be


The object is now warded.
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