Take Away Protection From Ring


Ring that was casted on
Open doorway or window leading outside


Don't know what this is? Check out 'Protection Ring Spell'. This is the opposite spell to that.

Spell Casting

Place the ring in the middle of the open doorway or window where you can see the moon. If cannot see it, imagine it strongly in your mind as you do this. Look up at the moon (if not seeing it, just close your eyes and imagine you are) and spreads your arms wide, as if embracing the night and the moons light). Chant:

"Great Wise Crone of the Waning Moon,
The need of your protection has passed.
And I ask you now to take back your gift,
In all thanks and love.
I thank thee for your great help.
I thank thee Wise Grandmother,
and to thee I bid goodnight."

Then leave ring there till dawn.

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