Protection Ring Spell


Waning Moon
Hematite Rings Or Any Ring
Needle or Bobby Pin
Cauldron (optional, but recommended)
Matches (preferably)


A spell to charge a ring with protection of the wearer. Any questions, go ahead and mail me.

Spell Casting

Take off your shoes and socks and stomp and rub your feet in dirt. Then take 1 handful of the dirt you just stomped in and put t in the cauldron in a pile (if you have no cauldron, put the dirt in a pile over something fireproof).
Write your full name (first, middle last) and birth date (month, day, year) on the paper with the pen. The poke your ring finger hard enough to draw blood. Drop/place three drops of your blood on the paper. Then put it on the pile. Then place the ring on top of the paper. Lite the paper on fire, chanting:
"Skin to skin, blood to blood, bone to bone, sinew to sinew.
I banish all evil from my revenue."
!* Say 3 to 10 times *!
After chanting look up at the sky and spread your arms wide, like your embracing the night, chanting:
"Great Wise Crone of the Waning Moon,
cloak your sacred shadows around around this ring and charge it with your banishing energies so that (When I or whomever) wear(s) it shall be protected from those
who seek to gain from (my or their) pain!"
!* Chant 3 to 10 times *!
Wait for the fire to extinguish (if still going), then take the ring and put it on the ring finger you pricked.
Throw the ashes and dirt into running water or bury it at the roots of an old tree.

!!**If you no longer want this protection on the ring, search for my other spell 'Spell to Take Protection Away From Ring'**!!
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