The Akashan Prayer


Whatever you feel can add to the prayer, an offering, a candle, incense, a stone, whatever you want.


This is the prayer of the small religion, Akashism, that the Akasha gave to Acoda in meditation. It is very adaptable, and the idividual who wishes to use it can customize it however they please.

Spell Casting

Make an offering to the Akasha, light a candle or incense, or meditate. Say:
"Oh, Akasha,
Thy love,
Thy light,
Please guide me in this life,
and next one alike,
And keep me from the darkness,
And shroud me in your light,
And to my fellow humans,
Grant thy knowlege and thy life"
After this, state your prayer to the Akasha if you would like, but it is not nessesary because the God already knows what you need.
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