1 candles or just one candle
1 blue box
1 Rag or Carpet
New Age music
Clear mind


First I must tell you that Meditation is not as easy as one might think. The hardest part of all is learning to clear your mind of all unwanted thoughts. Have you ever tried to completely clear your mind and thinking of absolutely nothing? For most people it is almost impossible to do.... but it can be done, and I will show you.

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1: First I want you to learn the most popular meditating position used for centuries. It is called the Lotus Position or Posture... "Padma-asana". If you look at the picture of, you will see "Lord Shiva" in the Lotus position. Simply sit on the floor ( I suggest you use a comfortable rug or large pillow under you ) cross your legs with your feet over top of your calves and place both hands on your knees. This may feel a little awkward at first but you will become accustom to it after a few times of practice and stretching. You might also want to do some stretching exercises before trying any of this..... it will help your body to relax and you will respond to meditation much better.

2: Now that you have learned the Lotus position, it is time to set the atmosphere... you know... set the mood for meditation. You will need some candles or just one candle will do... preferably white. Light the candle and turn off the lights. Now we will need to light some incense! The best you will ever want to get and it is the most used is.... "Nag Champa" it is in a blue box and you will find it most any place that sells incense. Do not use some other cheap crap that smells like perfume or crap that you buy at a convenience store.... it will only irritate your senses, thus making meditation impossible. I am telling you.... get "Nag Champa" and you will thank me. Now we may ant to add one more thing..... New Age music. All these combined things will set the mood for meditation.

3: Here comes the hardest part...... Clear your mind of all thoughts. How do you do this?.... simply imagine a big Dumpster or a very large metal box on your mental screen. Then see it open and put all your thoughts and worries in it one by one.... bills... your love life.... problems.... your children.... your job... everything you can think of. Then close the lid and lock it! Then push it off your mental screen. If this does not work for you the first time... simply try again the next day.... it will work for you.

4: Now that you have set the mood, cleared your mind and you are in the lotus position.... you are ready to begin meditating. What do you do next? Well now that your mind is clear you can choose from two types of scenarios. I will add more soon.

*Note: make sure you will not be disturbed while doing meditation. Turn off the phone and if anyone lives with you tell them to leave you alone!

Scenario 1:
This meditation is simply doing nothing and thinking of nothing. Simply sit there after clearing your mind and continue to think of nothing. After awhile you may have some visions or a symbol appear to you mental screen. You may hear an inner voice which is God within speaking to you.... so listen carefully to your message. You may hear or see nothing and that is fine. This is simple stress relief and giving your mind and body some peace. It is giving your mind a break from all the everyday worries. After ten or fifteen minutes open your eyes and return to normal life.

Scenario 2:
This one is more fun and very easy. After you have cleared you mind..... see yourself walking through a field of tall grass and keep walking until you find a nice shade tree by a river. Sit yourself under the tree. Relax even more and enjoy the cool breeze and the sound of the water flowing nearby you. Take in all the sounds of Mother Nature.... the birds..... the wind... everything. Just sit there for as long as you so choose and enjoy your special place of peace. For this is the place you will want to return to every time you meditate. Try to notice how you now feel... how at peace you are with yourself. For in this place you are carefree and have no worries..... no one to harm you no one to stress you out, no one to tell you what to do.... only you and nature as one. You may want to stay here forever, but you must return after awhile. When you are ready to return.... simply get up from under the tree and walk back up the path through the field of tall grass till you return home. Gently open your eyes and return to normal life. With this meditation you could even purchase a "sounds of nature" tape that will help you have more of an experience of actually being there. You can even download some sounds of nature off of Kazaa.

I hope you have enjoyed your journey into meditation and I hope it has brought you peace of mind.
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