Nightmare Hex


1 black candle (optional)
Picture of the person you want to hex


Gives someone nightmares for about a week.

Spell Casting

Light the candle(if you don't have one just skip this step) then say this incantation 3x while looking at the person and think of them having horrible nightmares:

"Hypnos, god of dreams
Make(name of the person) dream of horrible things
For one week straight,
He/she shall sleep with a nightmare
For one week straight,
Sleep shall be something he/she cannot bear
After one week's end
Make(name of the person) well again
So mote it be."

When you are done saying the incantation 3x burn the picture or rip it up then extinguish the candle. Since this is somewhat like praying to the Greek god Hypnos,it might help if you sacrifice something to him like burning some of your food.
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