A Day's Luck


• One or more charmed items (optional)


This is a homemade luck spell to make one very lucky occurance happen the day you use it! Be careful, it only works once per day, don't get greedy!

Spell Casting

This is a homemade luck spell that almost always works for me. Now, hold your charmed item out (optional but more powerful with one) and chant the following incantation while gently swaying the charmed object from side to side with each verse:

"Oh spirits of luck, oh spirits of charm, to me you will not cause harm, and as I conjure the power of thee, you will give wondrous luck to me, so mote it be!"

Please try it out, it always works for me, so please tell me if it doesn'nt for you. Thank you! Note: you may need to say the incantation more than once if you are a beginner or don't feel that confident it will work on the first try and need to say it again. Thanks!
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