Chances of Snowing High


Charm necklace or bracelet


This spell will increase the odds that it will snow.

Spell Casting

Take the snow and put it in the bowl. Mix the snow until it turns into water. Add the charm into the bowl of water, and say, "Snow cold, Snow fold, Snow Flake, Snow fake. Make it snow, as much as possible. Risk the chance of every thing able."

Take the water and go outside. Put the charm on your neck or your wrist. Then say "Snow flake, Snow fake. Snow cold, Snow fold." Then sprinkle it on your head and whisper, "Snow" Say it over and over until you quite sprinkling it above you. Don't use all the water!

When you go back inside and put the rest of the water in the freezer and close the freezer door. Stare at your clock and whisper this 5 times. "Freeze." After a week take it out and whisper one more time, "snow snow snow snow." Say it only once.
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