Mind Attack


Ability to make a Psi Ball
Ability to control energy
Energy Shield (Any type)


This spell is a continuation of my "Mind Penetration" spell. It focuses on using energy to accomplish an attack on someone's mind.

Spell Casting

Gather as much energy as you need, preferably just enough for the scale of the attack. Concentrate on the person.

Amnari Re'cai
Invacatem thy

Imagine a beam of energy shooting into the person's mind, or however you wish to visualize it. Imagine the beam blasting through a metal dome; the person's shield. Concentrate all of your energy into that point after penetrating it. After your energy is in their mind, you have a few options:

1. Energy Burst - Explode or inplode your energy in a short powerful burst, be sure to direct the energy to where you want the burst to happen (i.e center of the mind).

2. Psi Bombardment - (Warning: takes up a lot of energy.) Create multiple Energy Bursts around the center of your target's mind. Then, create a large Psi Ball of the energy of your preference. Inplode (explode inward) the Energy Bursts, allowing them to trigger the explosion of the inner Psi Ball. Make sure the Psi ball doesn't inplode,
which ruins the overall attack.

3. Storm - Gather a type of combative energy in a dark cloud, and visualize it seeping into your target's mind. Once inside, allow small energy bursts emanate from the cloud, like rain. Then, maneuver the cloud to the area of your attack, and let waves of energy roll off of it,(thunder) occasionally striking their mind with powerful blasts of energy (lightning). Once you are finished with your attack, allow the storm to slowly die. You must have good concentration and visualization to accomplish this.

Note: The "Storm" technique takes a lot of energy, as the attack is supposed to be moderately long - lasting. I recommend drawing in back-up energy in case the spell drains you, so you may rejuvenate yourself. Lastly, energy shields are recommended for all of the above. Mental attacks take concentration, visualization, and most importantly practice. If you have trouble with mind-related magic, attempt to open your Third Eye.

Questions: Questions are always welcome. I always seek to improve my work, so suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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