The 13th Night Binding Spell


Inverted pentagram
Black Ink
Five Vanilla/White Candles
Requires to be Casted every night until it has been 13 nights.
Knowing what the Vitim looks like
Black Wand


Binds a spell caster from his/hers magick.

Spell Casting

Step 1. Draw a inverted pentagram, on paper in black ink. 

Step 2. Place your five candles around your inverted pentagram

Step 3. Light your candles

Step 4. Chant: Satan quaeso, alligaveritis haec persona 

Step 5. Imagine the person you are binding, completely in your mind. 

Step 6. Chant: Me adiuvant, oh dominus satanam

Step 7. Hold your Black wand in the air, state: Mea virgamque mea tool me adiuvant, alligandi stulto huic

Step 8. Finis est noctis

Do this for 13 nights. Do not use this spell stupidly.
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