7 Lights of Love


7 candles (any colour)
An incense stick
Holder for the incense
An Altar


A spell to bring back a lover/friend.

Spell Casting

Set up the altar by pleasing the incense stick (in Its holder) in the center of the altar. Place 3 candles along each side of the incense and 1 at the end of it. Light each candle and then the incense stick. Let the incense stick burn completely. (This may take a while)

Say the following words
"With the lights of love I relight our passion.
With this incense I burn away our mistakes.
I set unfree to start again.
So mote it be."

Rub the ashes from the incense on your right arm using only your thumb. To complete the spell pinch out each of the candles 1 by 1.

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