Easy Forgivness Spell


Optionals: candles, sheet,


Need Forgivness but the person won't forgive? Kindly make them. Made the spell myself it works for me

Spell Casting

This spell is best done when sitting on a sheet with candles lit in a circle around you.

Best if first rub your hands together and feel the energy, pierce them to your heart. Visualize the person and you, think of u apologizing and at first their face red with anger, then see lightning or wind strike them and their tone become happy there face smiling.
I have done wrong my Lord
Forgive and for take
Let my sins I've caused to this man
Be banished
Let THEM forgive and for take
The pain I have caused them
Oh lord blessed thee
Take away my sins and let thy man bless forgiveness upon me
Blessed be oh Lord

Blessed thee :)
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