Love and Hugs Dollie


A stuffed animal
A sowing kit
1 Pink candle
1 white candle
1 Feather
Rose Mary
Rose Petals and buds
Sea salt
Juniper berries
2 small pouchss with draw strings
Amethyst Crystal
Rose quarts


This is a good spell for a friend, family member and children. Using a stuffed animal and herbs to bring loved ones love and comfort

Spell Casting

Bring all ingredients into your ritual space and cast the circle and invoke the Deities. Purify and bless each herb, stone and item you'll be using and charge them to their functions.

Lavender -- Peace, relaxation, sleep, comfort
Rosemary -- Fights nightmares and brings love
Rose Petals -- Brings all types of love
Sea Salt -- cleansing and purification
Juniper Berries -- Good Health
Cedar -- Strength and courage
Hyssop -- Lightens vibrations And Protection

Amethyst -- Relives stress, calming, and peace
Moonstone -- Happiness, Love, and harmony
Rose Quarts -- Love and Friendship.


After blessing the crystals and herbs, take the herbs and place them in the pouch, set it aside for a moment and take the stuffed animal and sowing kit.

Cut open the back of the stuffed animal and take out some of the stuffing, place the pouch of herbs in the doll and sow it back up. Take the stuffed animal and hold it in your hands, (This may sound silly but) talk to the toy and tell it to keep your loved one safe and happy. Tell it to take care of them and bring them love.

Take the crystals and place them in the other pouch and tie it around the dolls neck

Close the circle and give the doll to a loved one and tell them to hold it whenever they feel that they need it.
This works well for Children, The ill, Depression, and just a good gift to give on a holiday or birthday.
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