Prayer/Spell To Help Find Your Spititual Path


Just yourself and peace and quiet so you can focus


Found the spell while web surfing one day and just decided that i should add it so you guys can reap the benefits of this spell.

Spell Casting

Just say this chant as many times you wish, i so recomend doing it 3 to 10 times. Just to be safe.

"By the Powers that be,
Lead me to my path, make it clear to see,
On this spititual journey i am about to embark,
Guide me through the dark,
In my mind's eye, as clear as day,
I can see my path, Divinity has shown me the way.
Regardless of which road i take, i will always walk hand-in-hand with Divinity,
This is my will, So Mote It Be."
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