Ginger Rite


A root of Ginger
3 yellow ribbons
A small wooden box


A spell to keep your journeys smooth and free of mishap.

Spell Casting

When obtaining the ginger try to secure a human shaped root. This is not as difficult as it sounds- gingerroot comes in the most amazing forms If this is not possible, fasion a body out of the ginger with a sharp knife. Decorate the figure with the yellow ribbons by tying them around it, but you may not tie one arround its neck. As you tie each ribbon kiss the knot, for positive luck. Then chant, "In all the journeys of my life, protect and keep me safe from future strife." Place the figure in the wooden box, seal the lid, and keep it in a safe dry place. Make contact with it before every journey and repeat ever 6 months. -smokey2022
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