With this method of biokinesis, you can change anything you want about yourself. Examples include: height, eye color, hair color, skin color, skin texture, hair texture, gender, eye sight, make you immortal, become black, white, or tan. You can reverse this by telling it what you had in the first place.

Spell Casting

First get into a meditative state. Then make a needle with your psi energy really thin and sharp. Then imagine your genes running through separate tubes. Tell the needle what to with your mind like change my gender to a girl. The needle then should go to a tube and poke into it. Once the needle has made a hole, close up the hole with psi otherwise you will lose part of your character. Then wait until the needle evaporates into the tube, and then exit your meditative state. Go around thinking what you would change like "I am a woman" or something. When you get really good at this you will see immediate change.
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