Protective Necklace Charm


A piece of jewlery
a red or white candle


A simple, but powerful protection charm. Works on any type of jewlery.

Spell Casting

1. Light the candle
2. Hold the item over the flame, being careful not to heat it
3. Recite or cnant the following:

"As long as I wear this,
no harm shall come to me,
No one shall anger me,
No thing shall hinder me,
no one can hurt me"

4. Put the pjece of jewlery back on yurself.
5. Extinguish the candle.

NOTE: You can charm another person's jewlery. Substitute their name for "I", and the correct possesive noun for "me".

Take care not to wear more than 3 of these charmed items, as they will cancel eachother out and the opposite can occur.
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