Banishing Negativity/depression/stress


Black eyeliner, lipstick or makeup
A shower
White, pink or green good smelling soap or body wash
Salt scrub (optional)


This is a powerful spell and will be emotionally exhausting. But you will feel better after it's done. Use it to get rid of depression, fears, heartache, stress, basically any negativity that's going on in your head.

Spell Casting

Get skyclad. If you want light your favorite incense or scented candle. Take the makeup or paint and use it to write or draw on your body anything that's bothering you. Some examples: if you're having trouble with getting over an ex, you might write the persons name over your heart, or draw a broken heart. If you have undiagnosed symptoms you might draw a ? where the symptoms occur. If you're worried about money, maybe a $ on your forehead.

Think of everything that bothers you. As you write or draw, think about the problem and confront it. There's reasons it hurts or worries you, and that's ok. That's human nature. When you think about it and rationalize you can come to terms with it. That can be hard to do, so that's why I recommend repeating as necessary. This isn't an easy spell, it will hurt emotionally to confront these hurts, fears, and stresses, so let it out, cry, yell, beat up a pillow, whatever makes you feel better (as long as you're not hurting yourself, others or damaging property).

Once you've faced your issues, get a hot shower going. Get in and get a good lather going. As you wash off the makeup or paint, visualize those problems washing down the drain. Also visualize the soap as purifying white or healing green light. Put your head under the shower head and let the water wash it all away and cleanse your soul. Salt is known for it's purification qualities so if you have a salt scrub, use it when you start to feel better. When you feel calmer and like you're strong enough to face your problems (and all the makeup or paint is washed off), get out. You can follow this by taking a nap or having a snack to rejuvenate since it is exhausting.
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