Summon a Faerie


1 Bowl of Sugar
1 Spoon
7 Flowers
Belief in Faeries


A real Faerie Spell! NOTE: All Faeries aren't all sugar and spice! Some are vengeful!

Spell Casting

Open a Window then place the Bowl of Sugar ontop the Windowstill.
Then take the 7 Flowers and sprinkle them into the bowl.
Now pour one cup of water into the bowl and chant
"Faeries! Faeries! I call of thee, Take this offering! I call on you! By the power of 3, So mote it be, So mote it be, So mote it be..."
Now in about a Day or so, a you will see a Light appearing ontop the Bowl. If the Faerie likes the recipe, It'll come into your home.
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