Volva Journey


An offering
A staff
A High Seat


A typical volva journey to Helheim, how its achieved. **Disclaimer: This is not my work. This is the work of Katie Gerrard, who wrote the book: Seidr- The Gate is Open. I am simply sharing it.**

Spell Casting

Purify your working space (how you do this is up to you). Invoke your disir and ask that they accompany you (a disir is a protective spirit). Use other personal protection if you feel it is needed. Invoke Odin, to ask that you borrow Sleipnir. Then invoke Sleipnir. This is how the Shaman "rides" through the World Tree. Invoke Hel, and ask that you use her realm, Helheim. If you are specifically doing this rite to communicate with your ancestors, invoke them as well. Once your invocations are done, state the intent and goal of the rite. Be specific. Be clear. And offer something in return.

Create an altered state of consciousness. How you do this is up to you. Raise energy within yourself through this process.Some suggest that you begin your journey experience by meeting Odin, to ask that you borrow Sleipnir. Some say this step is not nessesary. Next, lead the "procession" to Helheim. As you journey, visualize the disir and wights following alongside you. Your staff, volva stav, etc, can actually represent sleipnir during this part.

Move to the high seat, and don the cloak and staff. From here, communicate with the wights you intended to communicate with. Come prepared with questions. Ask. Receive answers. Thank the wights for the answers you receive, and leave when it is time to go. When satisfied, give the offerings you promised to give, thanking each individual you called upon.

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