Calling Upon the Volva


A staff
An offering


A short rite to call upon the volva, in order to receive answers to questions. **Disclaimer: This is not my work. This is the work of Katie Gerrard, who wrote the book: Seidr- The Gate is Open. I am simply sharing it.**

Spell Casting

Purify the space, and invoke personal protection if you should choose to do so. You can do an invocation to Odin now, if you would like, though it isn't nessesary. State the intent of the rite, and the goal. The main goal of this rite is to call upon the Volva Heid, to ask for insight and wisdom. State your offering. And perform an invocation to Heid. This should be evocative, using imagry from the Volsupa. "Wake" the Volva by banging on the ground with your staff, world stang, etc. Then enter the altered state of consciousness.

Entice the Volva into speaking using Vardlokkurs:this is a song or chant that is critical to the high seat rite, and can be essential to making a rite successful. This calls the spirits, giving them the energy they need to interact with the Seer. It can be a wordless melody, a small chant. It's very similar to galdr. Do this until you feel the Volva's presence. It can be noted as a change in the feeling of your work space. Perhaps visualize the Volva approaching, which may help. During this part of the rite, you communicate with the Volva. Ask questions, receive answers.

When done, thank the Volva for her time, and explain that the rite is finished. Step out of your work space, and ground.
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