Rite of Transformation


Incense (of your choosing)
Fire (a candle even)


This is the transformation rite a person who is wishing to do volva work should do. It is not necessary, but suggested none the less. **Disclaimer: This is not my work. This is the work of Katie Gerrard, who wrote the book: Seidr- The Gate is Open. I am simply sharing it.**

Spell Casting

Start by purifying the space, using a blend of incense. During this time you could cast a disir circle for protection and warding. Invoke the deity of your choice, and state the intent of the journey. For example "With Freyja's help, and the use of smoke and flames, I will step into the fire of transformation and the Volva spirit will be awoken inside of me..". Be very clear and specific when stating your intent and goal. If you are asking something of the specific deity, be sure to state what your offering will be in return (which is considered polite in this context).

Use the incense to "create a wall of smoke". This can be done by getting a large amount of incense and lining them up on the floor. Be wary of your smoke alarms depending on the amount you use. Some like a dramatic flair. Behind the smoke wall, add flames. This can simply be a candle of your choosing, or if you are outside, a small fire. After this is done, enter an altered state of consciousness. This is trancework, and critical to the process. It is a very personal thing, and can be achieved in a variety of ways, which is up to you. When you have achieved this, step through the smoke wall.

Once through, sit, and examine the flame. The flame is the gateway, and you are to visualize it growing, expanding, until it is large enough that it consumes you. The "transformation" can occur in a variety of ways. Visualize yourself being burnt and reborn from the fire. Visualize yourself stepping into the fire, and returning with gifts, or whatever your original goal and intent was. Let the deities and wights lead you through this part. When you feel that this is done, use what is known as the "call back trigger", or the sound to bring you back to awareness within yourself. Step back through the smoke wall, and thank the deity you called upon. End the rite.

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