Send Love To Another


1 candle (Pink)
A piece of paper & Pen
A handful of rose petals
Some Rosemary
Cauldron or fire proof dish or bowl


A simple spell to send your love to a loved one

Spell Casting

This is a pretty simple spell that is pretty helpful. Use this spell to send love to a friend who's feeling down, a sick family member, or a loved one that's far away. (Like a parent you don't live with or a spouse you're apart from)

After casting the circle and centering your mind and energies, focus on only good emotions and thoughts of love and peace. Focus on the Goddess and the person you want to send your love to.

Write the name of the person on the paper, you can add drawings, runes, symbols, poetry, reinforcing words (Like strong, happy, carefree), etc. Then hold the paper in your hand and put the rose petals in the center and sprinkle the rosemary on top of it, and say;

"A rose is strong, a rose is love
A symbol of the Goddess above.
And this herb of comforting feeling
friendship, love and healing
Rose petals and Rosemary
May it all be peaceful and merry."

Roll the paper up until it looks similar to a cigarette and the paper is wrapped around the petals and rosemary and keeping it together. Hold it over the cauldron or fire proof dish or bowl and take the lighter.

Burn one end and let it burn like incense in the cauldron until it burns up. Say:

"And as the fire grows and grows
May my love and will be shown
By the Goddess, I ask that *Name* gets what they need
May love come and *name* be freed."

When all the rose petals, paper and rosemary is burned up, the message has been sent.

I use this spell a lot myself, and you can play around with it by adding more herbs or even oils if you'd like. Its simple but effective.
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