Altar Protection


A Hematite Crystal.
White Sage.
Dragon's Blood incense.(optional)
Holy/Blessed Water.
A Rag.


An easy altar protection spell that will help get rid of negativity.

Spell Casting

Start off by putting some Blessed or Holy water onto the rag. Wipe down the surface of your altar and anything that collects dust. Then, get some white sage, or dragon's blood, and smudge the area, fanning the smoke around. You may make a pentacle symbol with the smoke around your altar. As you smudge, you may say a blessing, prayer, etc. Imagine the negativity moving out of the area, and visualize protective energies moving in.

After you are done smudging, charge a Hematite crystal with protective energy. You can do this by holding the crystal in your hands, and focus on the protective energies. Visualize your altar being protected. Then, place the Hmeatite somewhere on your altar.
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