Scaraotschi-Preventing Nightmares


Malachite Stone
Purple candle


Perfect for Waxing Moon,since it's good for gaining power and directing it towards protecting yourself from negative energies and nightmares.

Spell Casting

Throw salt over your left shoulder and chant: "Scaraotschi san Devla nasvalo",this is a phrase in gypsy that opens the ritual and makes a connection with your inner self,because that's where the power comes from.

Next light the candle and sprinkle rosemary around you,forming a protecting circle.Visualize the flame of the candle growing bigger and protecting you with its heat and light and let the candle burn out inside your circle,while you step out of the circle feeling protected and more calm and peaceful.

You will not have nightmares anymore and the next three dreams will hold great meaning as this spell also acts as an aid towards self control and aura cleansing.
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