Candle Weight loss


1 brown votive candle
1 votive candle holder
matches NOT a lighter
a needle or pin


This spell helped me drop a few unwanted pounds. Maybe it'll work for you.

Spell Casting

Take the pin and carve the number of pounds you want to drop into the side of the candle, For example, 20lbs. (make it a lower ammount for the first time,large numbers can weaken the spell.) Then put the candle in the holder.

Next, call upon your ruling god or goddess and ask for their assistance.

Light the candle and say;

I call upon _______________________ here
help me find my true shape
let me feel what it's like
to be that which is my right weight.

let the candle burn until you can't read the numbers and it puts itself out. and be patient. It isn't instant.
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