Spell to see the Magic kingdom


Purple sparkles
pink sparkles
chanted flour(white thing we make bread with)
and small pieces of lolypop
and a small bag.


With this spell you can see the invisible Magic Kingdom that only can be seen by children.Now you can see it too.You can see the fairies,trolls,leprecons erc.

Spell Casting

In most books it doesn't say about the dwarfs and elves fairies and leprecons because they can only be seen by the children.Those creatures live in the Magical Kingdom.If you want to see theese creatures you should make a magic dust.You mix all the ingredients in the little cotton bag and get ready to say the following spell:
"Help me in the darkest hour,
bring me here the light power,
With this spell
the invisible'll be seen
make me a kid again
as I have always been"
This spell in for White Magic dowers only.It doesn't have a effect for those who use Dark/Black magic.
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