Rid Yourself of Lice


One All natural soap
A Ritual knife (Or a knife you rarely use)
A shower
Candles or an incense burner


Lice is a common problem in students, teachers and parents alike. This short ritual is relaxing and should help with your lice problem.

Spell Casting

Get rid of all packaging attached to the bar of soap. Get your shower ready and towels laid out. Carve a pentagram onto the soap, and as you do this evoke the elements in order (Air, Fire, Water, earth and spirit). Say a prayer to the god and goddess (or god and goddess of your choice) I just used a quick chant that came off the top of my head;

"Little bugs and crawling critters,
Upon my head your eggs they litter,
Itching scratching,
and bloodnapping,
Run run away."

Wash yourself, hair and all, with the soap, lather everywhere. Rinse and release the elements. Relax and finish your shower. When done feel free to eat a grounding feast.

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