Healing Physical Pain


Blessed holy water (Water, salt.)
Quarts Crystal wand/Quarts Crystal Stone


Spell to heal physical pain using holy water and crystal

Spell Casting

Mix up some holy water, whichever recipe you usually use and blessing it as you would and put it in your Chalice
After casting the circle, invoking, and meditation:
Dip the crystal into the holy water in the Chalice. I use a small, 6 inch pure quarts crystal wand but a wand or crystal would work the same.
Stir the water with the crystal and say the following:

"This crystal is powered by this water
this water is blessed by the Goddess
She shall heal and take away
all the pain from every day
The pain shall disappear
When the wand touches there
Thank the Goddess for her help."

Touch the crystal (still wet with holy water) to the bare skin of the hurting area. rub it over the area, imagining glowing white light touching the skin and healing the pain.

"Pain is gone, I am free
The Goddess took the pain from me
Water, spirit, fire, earth and air
take away the pain with care
Crystal's powers heal the hurt
Thanks to Mother earth."

Pour the holy water into the dirt or ground outside.


I have used this spell myself for my back pain. It really helped me, so I hope it'll help you! =)
Blessed Be

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