Potion to Grow wings


White candle( more is fine)
A clean feather of choice( must be real)
Color dye that you want your wings to be
Drop of YOUR blood


This potion will make you grow wings but it takes a lot of belief and energy you will feel weak after and the wings will grow within an hour.

Spell Casting

Ok you may be asking is this reversible? Yes. All you have to do is make and drink the potion again! So you can meditate first on having wings once you are done with that light the white candle/candles and get the cup. Then put a tablespoon of milk in then a tablespoon sugar and salt. Stir. Then a teaspoon of honey. Stir. Then a drop of the dye for the color wings you want. Stir. Then dip the feather in. Now put your drop of blood In and stir after saying, " I want the wings, I need the wings, it is my desire give me the wings!" put the blood in and stir now drink it . All of it 😄
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