Banishing bad Spirit/Energy


2 White Candles


This will make any bad spirit or negative energy leave.

Spell Casting

Go to the room where the spirit or energy is and light the candles. Sit down and meditate for atleast 5min. While meditating think about how you want the spirit/energy to leave.

Now imagine your worst fear, It has to be a insect though. Imagine that fear and you in a box with two candles. Watch that insect move and squirm around. When the moment feels right imagine your self taking a huge fly swatter, Beat the insect down, Slap the insect. Cause some kind of harm that says "Leave."

Now chant:



"You have overstayed your welcoming, its time to leave, leave my life or take another painful blow."



Recite 3x

Imagine the insect limping out of your room, Imagine its half dead body. Its not coming back now.

You may blow out the candles.
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