Prevent Straying From Tasks


A Termopolyan Stab
A Task to set yourself
Dirt or Sedimentary Rock


A Termopolyan Spell. Prevents you from being sidetracked while pursuing your selected task.

Spell Casting

Ensure that your Stab is charged. Using a Stab that is not charged will result in nothing. Place the bottom end of the Stab on the dirt or rock surface. Because stone is resolute, it will help focus your energy in this spell. The Stab is needed to successfully transfer your energy into the rock or dirt in a way that allows it to increase the resolve of your spell.

Hold the Stab at a point at shoulder level. Concentrate on the task you need to complete. Recite the following: "Cwo neeĀšito côpletál cwest gol sâz divversív." (Prn: Quo nae-chae-shee'-toh co-plae-tahl' (o nasal) quest gohl sats (a nasal) dee-vare-zeeb')"

Possible effects of an ineffective cast include:

  • Inability to concentrate for several days
  • Lowered mental capacities for several days
  • Decreased IQ for several days
  • Inability to carry a conversation for several days
  • Decreased creativity for several days
  • Decreased logical abilities for several days
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