A Spell to Boost Your Energy


Your favorite music
Rose quartz
When: As needed


Sometimes, we just feel depleted. We need a day off from work simply to laze around and read, go swimming, or take a long walk in the countryside. We aren't sick, we aren't recovering from any illness-we just need to refuel ourselves. For those times, this is the spell you need.

Spell Casting

This spell is best done when you're alone because you're going to crank up the music. Select music that boosts your spirits and makes you want to move around and dance. The rose quartz is intended to amplify the surge in your mood. The vervain, when burned, provides a general boost to the spirit and cleanses negative vibes, among other things. Light the vervain, put the quartz next to it, then put on your music and turn the volume up. Let the music suffuse the room and permeate your senses. Then get up and dance to it. Continue as long as needed.
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