Divorce/Break up


A tarot deck
Two of cups
Your significator
Partners significator


If you're in a bad relationship you can't quite get rid of, use this spell to convince them to leave peacefully. Perform during the waning moon.

Spell Casting

Take out the two of cups, your significator and the other persons. If you are in a same-sex relationship and the 2 of cups features a male and a female, it's ok, just decide which of you has more "feminine" and "masculine" traits to decide where to place the significators. It helps if the significators face away from each other.

First place the 2 of cups on your altar. Remember some good memories with them and imagine the two of you as friends, working together to split property or decide on custody of children if these are concerns. If not, just imagine parting on good terms.

Then place your significator on to the side, whichever you decided on. Imagine yourself living a happy single life without the other person. Then set down their significator on the opposite side and imagine them living a happy life. If you want them to move or file for divorce, imagine them doing that and being happy, knowing it's the right thing to do.
When you're ready, move the significators away from each other a little bit. Say "every end is a new start, now it's time for us to part." Or make up your own chant if you want.

Every night for one week, move the cards further apart, imaging them moving out, moving on or filing papers and repeating the chant. On the seventh night, the cards should be on opposite sides of the room, apartment, house, as far away as you feel is safe. Leave them there until it's over and you're satisfied that they won't bother you anymore. Then clear the cards well and put them back in the deck.

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