To Cleanse Against Evil Thoughts




A spell to remove all evil intentions from your mind. The easiest Termopolyan Spell. Difficulty: Moderate. Should be repeated daily for maximum effect.

Spell Casting

Sit on the floor.
Recite in a calm, quiet, clear voice the following: Di cwot mend sacís tutt pâsi mal'idehi mali*.
Remain seated, meditating for at least five minutes.

Di: Dee
Cwot: Quoth (long o, th as in thin)
Mend: Menth (short e, th as in this)
Sacís: Sa-kees' (a as in father, s as in bliss)
Tutt: Toot
Pâsi: Pa'-zee (nasal a, sounds like ent in French -ment)
Mal': Mal (a as in at)
Idehi: Ee-dae'-ee
Mali: Mal'-ee (a as in at)
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