Creating an Energy Stone


1 stone of any variety (try to find one that corresponds to your intents)
Whatever you use to cleanse things
Ability to make a psi ball
Focus, energy, visualization
1 pentagram/circle (optional)


You can infuse your stone with any energy that you find suitable. I usually either use healing energy for minor aches and pains or just ordinary energy as a form of pick-me-up when I feel fatigued.

Spell Casting

1: Cleanse the stone. This will remove all unwanted energies.
2: Make a psi ball. Infuse it with whatever form of energy you choose (healing, protection, attraction, etc.)
3: Push the psi ball into the stone and visualize the two becoming one.
4: (Optional) Place on a pentagram/circle and allow to charge for at least 6-8 hours. This allows the energy to focus and slightly intensify.
5: Use the stone.

Once a month, you will need to recharge the stone by repeating steps 3 and 4. Step 4 becomes more useful the more you do it.
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